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Why Retreat?

Planning A Better Me Retreat

Sometimes as humans we forget to love on ourselves. Especially for women, we don't always put our selves first. Being a wife, mother, mate, employee, or what ever you role is, can be taxing; and not all the time do we even see what we put on ourselves.

So a Retreat is a way for us to get away and refresh and recharge. To put the focus back on self and reignite that spark for whatever keeps us going. This will be a time of reflection, relaxation, and unwinding. Everything about this retreat has been designed with the intentions of being relaxing and empowering. The time the sessions start each day and end will help you get a few mornings of just sleeping in and a few nights of going to bed early. The speakers will be teaching and enhancing your thought processes and helping to empower you. Its all about You and Planning a Better YOU.



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